Original JAX® Mice bred in Europe

Monday, September 19, 2016

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Charles River is sole authorized commercial breeder of JAX® Mice in Europe.

Only JAX® Mice bred by Charles River in Europe are genetically equivalent to those bred by The Jackson Laboratory

  • Charles River breeds with strict adherence to The Jackson Laboratory’s breeding and genetic quality control protocols
  • JAX® Mice bred by Charles River are authentic JAX® Mice and are not genetically drifted “J” substrains which may carry spontaneously-occurring genetic mutations
  • Only authentic JAX® Mice can be designated with a “J” at the end of their strain names (see Guidelines for Nomenclature for Mouse and Rat Strains at www.informatics.jax.org/nomen/strains.shtml)

All European Charles River breeding sites are AALAC accredited.

SCANBUR is Charles River's subdistributor in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland & the Baltic States.

Order your JAX® Mice with SCANBUR: Commonly used strains like C57, BalbC but also more specialised models like NSG are available!

Click here to get an overview of JAX® Mice bred in Europe: An Overview

Your significant benefits

  • Convenience of working in your own time zones and in native language when ordering JAX® Mice
  • Local assistance with import, customs clearance and transportation

JAX® Mice are the Gold Standard for Biomedical Research

  • Most frequently cited strains in peer-reviewed biomedical research publications
  • Comprehensive phenotypic data included the in Mouse Phenome Database http://phenome.jax.org/
  • Supported by The Jackson Laboratory’s world-renowned scientific and technical staff
  • Bred and maintained in accordance with the highest standards of animal health and genetic quality, including the patented JAX® Genetic Stability Program*.

JAX® Genetic Stability Program* supports consistent experimental results over time

  • Effectively limits cumulative genetic drift in a strain (e.g., copy number variation, spontaneous genetic mutations, etc.) through systematic refreshing of foundation stocks with cryopreserved pedigree embryos or gametes approximately every five generations
  • Provides mice with the genetic integrity and stable phenotypes needed to support research excellence

*The JAX® Genetic Stability Program was patented in 2010 (US patent 7.592.501) by The Jackson Laboratory.

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